Recycling: It's Good for the Bottle, It's Good for the Blog Post

OMGosh.  I've missed writing here.  Life, at breakneck speed, has come between me and my computer of late.  There are big changes coming to my big family, changes that do not involve us getting any bigger, mind you, but changes that are occupying my time and talents lately.

More on that later.

In the meantime, let me go green for a moment, and recycle a post celebrating the dad in this family.  Originally a birthday greeting, it's being trotted out this time as a Father's Day message.

Here's the thing I tell my kids about gifts.  The greatest gift we can ever give to someone we love is our words.  Our thoughts, expressed.  Our memories and stories, written down, preserved.  Words never fade or fray.  They never need batteries.  They never crack or snap in two.  We never grow out of them.  They last forever, on paper or in our hearts.  They weave together the strands that keep us together.

And so, on Father's Day, with barely two sticks to rub together, we have many words to show our love to a wonderful, perfectly imperfect father and husband, who always, always has words to tell us he loves us, and words to tell us the paella is ready, and words to tell us to be quiet the barcelona game is on.

Here are some words for you, dearest.


1. He teaches us soccer moves. • 2. He read Little Women to me. • 3. He takes us to Fenton’s for ice cream. • 4. He’s the milkshake parent. • 5. He creates beautiful gardens. • 6. He takes us to In-n-Out. • 7. He makes us warm fires in the winter. • 8. He finds stuff for us at Thrift Town. • 9. He tells mommy she is beautiful. • 10. He wrestles with us.

11. He gave us Bob Dylan. • 12. He brings me ribs from T-Rex. • 13. Two words: Top Dog. • 14. He draws pictures with us when we are doing art and on the menus at Fatapples. • 15. He read Shakespeare to me when I was really little. • 16. He says sorry. • 17. He tells us he loves us every day. • 18. He carried all of us kids in the backpack when we were little and let us all drool down his back. • 19. He loves to take naps with us. • 20. He reads Always Room for One More and One Morning in Maine to us.

21. He likes to make us laugh. • 22. He read The Phantom Tollbooth and The Hobbit to us in the evenings on mom and dad’s bed. • 23. He makes us delicious paella and pizza. • 24. He goes on our field trips when he can. • 25. He takes me to play soccer at the park early in the morning before school. • 26. He makes mom yummy Old Fashioneds. • 27. He makes sure we always have the right soccer shoes. • 28. He writes poetry for us. • 29. He takes us on the train in Tilden Park. • 30. He reads and learns all he can about coaching youth soccer so that he can be the best possible coach for our teams.

31. When we were inconsolable babies, he would pack us into our car seats and drive around for as long as it would take for us to settle down. • 32. He likes to watch The Incredibles with us. • 33. He takes us to the lawnmower store (Urban Ore). • 34. He has an amazing collection of weird and funny faces. • 35. He (and mom) got us a Wii for Christmas. • 36. He makes “bonfires” in the back garden. • 37. He takes us to see professional soccer games. • 38. He’s a cuddler. • 39. He makes coffee for mom in the morning before she gets up. • 40. He makes sure all of the doors are locked every night.

41. He takes us to Albany Memorial Park. • 42. He makes sure mom remembers the whipped cream when she buys stuff to make hot chocolate for us. • 43. He takes us to the Botanical Gardens to find lizards. • 44. He’s the teeth brushing parent. • 45. He gave us lollipops with bugs in them. • 46. He gave us life. • 47. He brought us to his classroom while he was teaching and let us draw. • 48. He works hard each and every day to take care of us.


* * *


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