Nine to Five, Here I Come!

Two seemingly unrelated bits of news:

Item the first: I bought a whole pineapple yesterday, because it's Lola's birthday today and she requested one -- (she is now a decade old, and yes, I'm a little verklempt by that fact, thank you very much) -- and I put the pineapple on the counter to wait for morning.

Item the second: We've had some sickies around here the past few days, plus one child recovering from outpatient surgery, so we've been powering through pain reliever/fever reducer.  We've used this item a lot:

But see, when you have a lot of players, things that seem unrelated all of the sudden become inextricably linked.  To my high blood pressure, hair loss, and desire to run for the hills.

Yesterday afternoon, I walked into the kitchen, and found one of my sons, repeatedly stabbing the pineapple with the medical syringe, sucking out the pineapple juice and happily shooting it into his mouth.

* * *

It's OK though!  I start a new job tomorrow, my first real, non-independent contractor, full time, direct deposit, honest to goodness JOB since 2001, and that pineapple and syringe business -- or at least whatever iteration of that business is next to come down the pike -- will be my husband's problem.

Sorry hon: gotta go to work!

* * *


nicole said…
fare thee well! that pineapple, the clogged toilets, the sweaty boys, the dishes in the sink, the lunch menu...all that and more you get to leave to the care of the daddy-o. Go forth, be brave and fabulous.
Sandy said…
We used to use syringes to inject vodka INTO the oranges in our school lunches...of course we were know it all seniors in high school and putting one over on the nuns just made it all perfect.

I like your guy's version better!
Kristin said…
Congratulations! I'd love to know what you'll be doing? (You don't have to say where.) I see your son is still a homeschooler at heart. That is one-of-kind thinking.
What sort of a job? We aging SAHM's are curious to know what our possibilities are.

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