They should be thankful for...

...the fact that they are still drawing breath.

In the last 24 hours:

my daughter left her school uniform sweatshirt out in the rain, which we discovered 10 minutes before we had to leave the house on this cold and wet morning.

my son broke the last remaining glass of a set I once loved.

my other son didn't do his religion homework because his backpack was in the car or his math homework because he left the book at school.  Again.  WTF?

five snack baggies of carrots came home from school in five different lunch boxes, all uneaten.  Two days in a row.

I heard the questions "Why did dad buy HIM a hoodie?  How come I didn't get a new hoodie?" nine times, from two different children.

the kids lost their Friday after school bakery snack for bickering in the car, for the third week in a row, which by the way punishes me too.  Semifreddi's has the best morning buns ever.

I've had to play the "ipod card" 3 times.  That's the card that says: "Do what I say, without complaining, whining, or whacking anyone, or I'm taking your ipod away for a week."

I found myself in the garage at 5am doing laundry for ingrates so that they could go to school in socks that couldn't stand up by themselves.

* * *

They should get down on their hands and knees and kiss the sweet earth in thanksgiving that they are still walking around on top of it.  

* * *


Kate Hall said…
yes, yes. but they won't . just like i didn't. . . damn the cycles... damn.
Viv said…
Girl, I am feeling it too this week.
Gayle B said…
It was liberating to accept the fact that my kids would never eat fruit or veggies in their lunches. One less thing to prepare!
Kerri said…
let's look at the bright side of doing laundry at least you didn't have to deal the rocks and bricks and other heavy stuff you used to operate your washing machine.
And think of all the calories you gave up on not eating that morning bun!
And that kid who didn't get the hoodie, it will be all that more special when it's handed down to them, right?
I'm trying to give you lemonade here, Monica(or a tall, chilled pint of amber ale, cause, HEY, it's Friday!) ...
but I completely get your rage!

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