Moo Saves the Day

It's been a wild, wet day here in the San Francisco Bay Area.  A day with a few teen/parent clashes.  A day of locking the keys in the car.  A day of pulling weeds in between rain showers.  A day of disappointing soccer game cancellations.

I arrive at the end of the day tired, and a little bewildered by the craziness that is my life.  I'm feeling a little low, a little regretful, but I can't say of what.  I feel a certain mopey malaise creeping over me as I drag my sorry self up to bed.  Sigh.  Whimper.  Whaaaaaa.

And there on my pillow is this:

And inside the card (on which, if you look closely, is painted the word 'love' in silver puffy paint) is this:

And inside the box is this:

A heart shaped rock, found in the garden and painted just for me.

If you are ever feeling a little underappreciated, or a little ineffectual, or a little weary of the demands of daily life, let me just say that having someone thank you for their life, their awesome life, really helps.

Her nickname is Moo; her gifts are invaluable.

Going to bed peaceful and happy now.

* * *


Kate Hall said…
wow. that IS wonderful. (and i'm very sorry to hear about the keys...)
That is really nice. A total keeper. My daughter slid a note under the bathroom door to me this morning. It said, "You are the wurst mom in the wurld." That is not a keeper.

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