Reflection, Not Rejoicing

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

The single response that makes any sense to me comes from the Vatican. Please click through and read the link below. It doesn't matter if you are Catholic, Christian, animal, vegetable or mineral. Death is always devastating for someone.

How do we explain fist-pumping celebrations to our children?

* * *


nicole said…
thanks for the link.
i am torn by the fist pumping in DC.
Kate Hall said…
yeah, me too, all of that...
Sandy said…
A news commentator this morning said that the predominant emotion during the "celebration" at ground zero yesterday was not one of celebration but more one of unification. Unfortunately, it's hard to distinguish the celebratory fist pump from the unified fist pump.

Thanks for this post, Monica, and may God have mercy on his soul.
Finally the Pope and I agree on something.

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