I Bombed This Quiz...Again

Today's score: 58%!

You'd think I wouldn't enjoy repeated mediocrity. But each week, I take that damn New Yorker news quiz and only once have I scored above a 60%. And really, 60% doesn't even rise to the level of mediocrity. How embarrassing.

The funny thing is, I listen to NPR all the time. I would have thought that illustrious news source would prepare me nicely for a weekly news quiz. I do, after all, have slightly more success with Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, even if I can't get them to pick me to be on their show. I guess all that bickering in the background while I'm trying to listen to the radio is taking its toll on how much I retain of what I hear.

Oh well, I will keep trying. Join me! Take the quiz! Come back and leave a comment and tell me how you do! Brag if you can, join me at the Dunce Table if not.

* * *


nicole said…
i scored 66%.
Sandy said…
58% and I NEVER listen to NPR...lol
Laurel said…
Actually got a 75%! Two weeks in a row. I had some great guesses.
Ok, I'm not sure how I did this but I got 83%. Of course, I still guessed that Keith Urban broke the news on Twitter!
Woo-hoo Mama Mama! And Sandy, I'm canceling my public radio membership: it's clearly not doing me any good. Laurel, stop scoring higher than me -- just fudge a question every now and then, will ya? And Nicole, you've given me a score to aim for. :)
Laurel said…
Don't worry - this week was 50% and I do listen to public radio all the time.

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