Trucks, Dogs and Green Houses

This post has nothing to do with country music. Instead, my subject is, again, my three year old daughter.

Tallulah loves trucks. She especially loves garbage trucks, but lately has been exhibiting just as much passion for tanker trucks, tow trucks, 18-wheelers of any variety, and delivery trucks. Next time you are on a freeway, take a minute to notice how many trucks you see. Then, imagine that every truck is greeted with a shriek of excitement bordering on ecstasy by a maniacal three year old in the backseat.

Lately, she has also been shrieking at all dogs -- because her truck obsession is mirrored by her dog obsession -- and all green houses -- because green is my favorite color and she sweetly wants to point out all green houses for my benefit. If I miss a dog or a green house, the tearful pleading sets in: "Go back, mama, go back; you missed the doggie, mama, go back! You have to see the doggie, mama!" (For some reason, she lets the trucks go, maybe because she realizes they are driving? I like to pretend there is a method to her madness.)

So now, when I am driving, I keep my eyes out for dogs, trucks, and green houses, because if I don't, I am unprepared for the sound waves produced by her screams that slam into the back of my head and make driving less than safe.

I'm thinking of developing a driving course for parents. I would include things like: How to reach a sippy cup rolling around in the back seat without taking your eyes off the road; How to appear to be engaged in a conversation with a rambling toddler while actually listening to Talk of the Nation; and How to drive safely while being assaulted by screaming children.

Anyone want to pre-register?

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…
I may qualify to be the TA.
Momo Fali said…
My son keeps adding to his list of obsessions. He's almost eight. It's a long list.

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