I Venture Back With a Question

It's been too long, dear blog.

But, I am working again today (no deadline, though, just everything that got neglected for my deadline), so I haven't much time to write. I would, however, like to pose a multi-part question.

Why do other people's clean and shiny wood floors seem like evidence of my personal character flaws? Why, when I look at these beautiful floors in other people's houses, do I hear a mean little voice saying "What the hell is wrong with you, why can't you keep your floors clean like this Uber-Capable-Mom?" Why is it that we can know something with our heads and yet feel every fiber of our being reacting in an entirely opposite fashion?

I know a clean floor does not--cannot--chastise me. And yet, I feel chastised.

And finally, is there anyone out there who would like to come and, for a fee, shine my dingy floors? I do believe that money would be just as well spent as any therapy costs I could otherwise incur.

* * *


Viv said…
I would be delighted to come shine your floors. Screw mine, they aren't in Ca!!!

On a serious note, I feel the exact same way. Even the uber clean baseboards and pretty floors in pictures on other people's blogs mock me. I. Am. So. Ashamed.
nicole said…
does it help you to know that my floors are dirty and my baseboards a mess and the paint to repaint the trim in the living room is still sitting in my laundry closet waiting to be finished up...it has only been 4 years since i started the project!!! i avoid photography my floor!!!
Viv, I'll leave the light on for you! And Nicole, yes, it does help to know that. Not sure if I believe it, but yes it helps. (jk!)
Homemaker Man said…
My floors look like they belong in a movie theatre.
Teacher Mommy said…

2. No. Because I don't even shine my own floors. A suggestion: tie some rags to your children's feet, spray down some wood wax/cleaner, and let them go floor-skating. Voila! Problem solved.

Love you. Despite your floors. ;)
Anonymous said…
I recommend getting a dog to do the floors!
Your kids are all going to grow up and do stand-up.
Erika said…
And my kids are jealous that yours get to play soccer in your living room. Whose do you think will remember childhood more fondly?
Kerri said…
If you need to feel like someone is worse than you..come on by any day and see the beautiful carvings my kids and dogs have done on my once newly re-finshed hardwood floors and all the beauty of 2 shedding indoor dogs and muddy soccer cleats have left behind. Be sure to NOT take your shoes off when you enter my home....
Nishant said…
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