A Real Question

Can someone please enlighten me? Why does it make sense for health care to be subject to market forces? Why do people object to more people getting health insurance? To those who oppose the public option, why is it acceptable for one person to have access to cancer treatment while another person must suffer through cancer without health care?

I do not understand how the free market can possibly be more important than the health and the very lives of our citizens. Shouldn't the free market serve the people, and not the other way around?

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Teacher Mommy said…
I'm pretty much with you. I've been staying out of the online furor, though...Sigh. My head hurts.
Viv said…
I'm pretty much a bleeding heart liberal, so I agree with you...but, too many don't see it that way.
Teacher Mommy, I tried to stay out for awhile, but it's the only thing on my mind these days!

And Viv: another bleeding heart liberal Catholic? And I thought I was the only one...
Sarah said…
Saw this protest sign on the news the other night..."Healthcare is NOT a human right".

Mind boggling.

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