Gems From Lady E

Two Elizabeth Gems from today.

First, she didn't want to go to the playgroup we sometimes visit on Friday mornings because "it's for babies." I let this go for awhile, but when she kept objecting to having to play with "baby stuff," I finally said "Fine. Then you don't have to play with anything."

Her: "Are you testing me?"

* * *

And then this. Rick and I took everyone to the park tonight for some family fun. On the way there, and much to her siblings disgust, Elizabeth did a little diggin' for gold in the ole nasal cavaties.

She did, in fact, strike gold, and she then placed her treasure upon her lip.

She did not eat it, she did not dispose of it. She stuck it, very deliberately, to her lip.

Her siblings were completely grossed out. One of them was so severely disgusted we thought we might have to pull over to let him vomit. She, unphased, left the little treasure in its place.

When we got to the park, the older kids piled out damn quickly: I think they really wanted to flee from the booger. The little one dashed out as well, and I was left with Booger Lip.

Why would someone stick a booger to their lip and leave it there, protect it even? Well, she told me. She wanted everyone at the park to think she had a lip ring.

A lip ring. A booger lip ring. I can't quite express the pride I feel in her creativity and moxy, except to say that it is something akin to horror.

* * *


Momo Fali said…
I am gagging! I would have vomit for sure. Boogers really gross me out...but one on the lip? Ew!
Karen said…
That's my godchild!
Teacher Mommy said…
You may not be testing her, but she sure as heck is testing you!
Viv said…
What a girl!

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