Summer Plan

My big plan for the summer: act like a calm, cool, collected, stress-free mama.

Fake it till I make it.

Be the change I want to see in my children.

Today is Day One of Summer 2009. I have big ideas about eating well, organizing chores, keeping up with the house, having fun, and being the best mom on the planet. OK, the country. OK, the block. Which is populated by lots of retired folks. Like I always say, when striving for success, make sure your competition is frail.

Anyway, I've noticed that we (husband and I) have gotten out of the habit of explaining things to the kids and very much into the habit of screeching things like "because I said so" and "just do it" and "so help me God if you don't listen to me my head is going to explode." Comments such as these do, of course, have their place. Ya gotta love pointed and pointy words spewing out of clenched teeth for the fear and trembling they can evoke...and sometimes, fear and trembling is really what the moment calls for.

BUT! I used to be such a calm mama. Used to be known for my ability to diffuse situations and bestow calm upon the masses. Not so much anymore.

So Summer Goal #1: Breathe first, yell later. Speak quietly whenever possible. Help the kids walk on the lighter side of life. Show them how to take things in stride and laugh at themselves.

I am 15.5 hours into summer. So far, so good. 1760.5 hours to go.

Peace, Mama, peace!

* * *


Charlotte said…
My favorite is, "What on G-d's green earth are you crying about now?!". I support you and your goals. Not yelling can be challenging.
Charlotte, that's a great one...followed closely by "I'll give you something to cry about!" (Actually, that one we just do in jest, but it's still a classic...)

Not yelling is indeed a challenge. One day at a time.

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