I don't know what to do.

I have so much to do. Everywhere I look, I see messes to take care of, disorganization to fix, problems to solve...people to feed. I have been trying all morning to motivate myself to do better, be better. To move. To get something done. To make a difference in this little hovel.

I have a lovely house. It's small for seven people, but it's lovely. I wish I could organize it so that it looked as lovely as it is.

I have the entire day stretching out in front of me, and a desperate desire to come to the end of it feeling like I accomplished something around here, and a sinking feeling that I will, once again, not.

I keep making false starts, giving up, moving on to the next thing. I keep getting distracted by blogs, by facebook, by youtube.

I'm goin' a bit nutty, wanting to crawl out of my own skin, and wishing I had more courage to face my piles of laundry, of paper, of dishes.

Aack. Help.

**Edited at 7pm, to add a link to the YouTube clip that made my day.

* * *


Sandy said…
No help since, when faced with the same problem this weekend, my answer was to crawl into bed with a library book that wasn't even uplifting, or that good.

Hope you come up with a better answer.
Viv said…
I hear you. My house is still bearing the ill effects of my being ill, coupled with my husband's brand of housekeeping...not to mention the aftermath of numerous relatives trying to find baby gear.

I'd post a picture to make you feel better, but, I'm not sure I'm brave enough.

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