Daybook for 21 June 2021

Outside my window: there is a hazy blue sky that cannot decide if it is presiding over an uncomfortably hot day or a strangely cool one.

I am thinking about: my job. I work in development and communications for a charter school network, and the summer is always a time of reflection and planning. What did I and my team do well last year? Where can we improve? Remember the beginning of each new school year, when you had sharp pencils, fresh binders, and big plans to "be better" this year? Working for a school system means that I still have that experience. The big plans part starts early...that's what's on my mind these days.

I am thankful for: the beautiful game. We had an epically long, hot weekend of soccer with our youngest child, a weekend like we haven't had since before the pandemic.  Between Thursday night and Sunday night, we traveled many miles, ate lots of takeout, watched 320 minutes of girls pounding up and down the pitch, took one dip in a hotel pool, used many bags of ice to soothe sore muscles and to battle the 100-degree heat, talked soccer, watched soccer, thought about soccer, planned for soccer, get the idea.  On Sunday night, finally home and drifting off to sleep, when I closed my eyes I saw shadowy figures zig-zagging back and forth in my vision.  And all three of us -- myself, my husband and my badass 14-year-old soccer player -- enjoyed every angled minute.  We keep talking about how much fun it was. We are grateful for this thing that has pretty much taken over our lives, so I guess that makes us very fortunate indeed.  

From the kitchen: sadly, nothing special. I am trying to plan for a better kitchen week.

I am wearing: black yoga pants and a dark purple and black striped shirt.  And really clean shoes, because my husband oxy-cleaned my favorite tennis shoes for me after they had been on one too many hikes.

I am creating: epic to-do lists for my week.  My to-do lists are divided into four categories: (1) work stuff, (2) household and family tasks, (3) stuff for me, that makes me feel good, and (4) cooking and grocery shopping. Lists pretty much keep the whole AIRY-5 enterprise careening through the universe.

I am going: to pick up my daughter from her first day of high school summer school. Hoping we get along better on the way home than we did on the way there.

I am reading: too much Twitter, not enough actual books.

I am hoping: that my daughter gets the Trader Joe's job that she interviewed for!

I am hearing: an Amtrak train as it blows its whistle and barrels through West Oakland.

Around the house: sooooo many messes.  Too much dog hair on the floor; too much laundry to fold, too many projects left unfinished by too many people.  Must muster the strength to get them all to help me.

One of my favorite things: I'm going to repeat myself with this one and say soccer.  We really did have a great weekend, and I can't wait for more.

A few plans for the rest of the week: I plan to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary with my favorite person in the world!  Good thing that person is also my spouse. 

And a picture:
Sunflowers next to one of our
soccer fields this weekend.

I invite you to join me by posting your own daybook!


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