Bella Gets Her Wish


Once upon a time a princess lived. 

Her name was Bella.  Bella worked hard for what she wanted, which wasn’t very hard because she got whatever whenever she wanted. 

One day Bella saw normal children doing normal things getting dirty in the dirt.  She smiled.  She wished she could get dirty and laugh.  She always had to be clean and dainty.  She thought “Ick!”

“I hate being all dainty and pretty!” said Bella.  The next morning she woke up in a ordinary green house instead of a castle.  She went into her living room and found her parents but they were ordinary parents not dainty parents.  Bella smiled and thought “My wish came true!” For the rest of her life she will be normal and dirty not dainty, not clean, and not a princess, but a soccer player. 

The End.

* * *

Why yes, we do live in a green house, as a matter of fact.  And yes, we are rather ordinary.  I love this kid's stories.  Here's one from several years ago: The Castle.

* * *


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