Miley, This is One Girl's Opinion

My nine year old daughter is a great observer of life.  She frequently shares little gems of insight based on what she sees around her and the decisions she makes about all of it.

Today, we were in the car, listening to Taylor Swift.  I was thinking about how Ms. Swift writes all her own music, and how her particular combination of talents -- the writing and the singing -- are pretty impressive.  Out of the blue, my daughter piped up from the backseat:

"Mom, you know what I don't like?  I don't like it when a singer has a really great voice, but then sings with it in songs that are, I don't know, kinda, ya' know, dumb."

(Somehow, I knew she wasn't talking about Taylor Swift, but I thought it was interesting that we had been mulling over similar topics…)  

She went on:

"I think it's just sad when a singer with a really great voice uses it in really stupid songs.  Like Miley Cyrus!  I mean, she's got a great voice, but she isn't using it the way she could!  She sings dumb songs!"

And the capper:

"I liked her better with more hair and clothes."

* * *

Sadly, I think Ms. Cyrus would be pleased as punch by this. 

* * *

Not sadly, my daughter rocks.

* * *


RyanAnn said…
Your daughter absolutely ROCKS. Sounds like she has a great head on her shoulders. Well done, mama!:)
Completely agree!
:) Danica

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