Giving Tuesday is Here!

Today is Giving Tuesday!

Yes, I know you've heard of Black Friday.  Maybe even Small Business Saturday.  Betcha know what Cyber Monday is.

All of those are designed to line the pockets of for profit enterprises.  For profit enterprises are wonderful: without them, I wouldn't have my Racer 5, my nice writing instruments, this computer I'm tapping away one, the hand-knit irish sweater I'm wearing…you get the idea.

But what about a day for non-profit enterprises?  They deserve some love too, right?  RIGHT!

That's what Giving Tuesday is, a new day for giving back and for celebrating our national generosity and good will.  Certainly you can think of a cause or two worth your time and money, yes?

And if not, I've got one for you!  Envision Education -- an amazing organization that transforms the lives of students, especially those who are the first in their families to go to college, by giving them great schools that will prepare them for success in college and in life.  That linky-loo up there will take you to a special Giving Tuesday message and video from Envision, inviting you to make a donation to them.

Your gift will help minority and other underserved students succeed in college and be able to pursue their dreams.  In other words, your gift to them is a gift to our entire national community.

Celebrate Giving Tuesday with your time, talent, and treasures: find a worthy cause and give it some love.

Go forth generously…

* * *



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