Now I Know My Place in the Pecking Order

As her siblings trudged up the hill to the school gate, my littlest clambered up to the front seat of the minivan clutching her blanket, holding on to her beloved for a last few moments before the school day.

I gave her the moments she needed.

Finally ready for the day's adventures, she flung herself out of the car, threw the blanket on the front seat, hoisted her pink, peace-sign backpack over her shoulder and shouted a definite and robust I LOVE YOU over her shoulder before marching forth into her morning.   I answered back with "I love you too" and sped off down the hill, feeling warm and happy about having a daughter who so easily and enthusiastically expresses her love for me.

Our little exchange carried me into and through my day with a smile on my face.

* * *

That night, on the way home from school, she giggled to herself as she was once more reunited with her blanket.  The giggles continued.  I asked her what was so funny.

"This morning, when I got out of the car and put my blanket on the seat?  {giggle giggle}  I said I love you, and you said it back?  Well...{giggles growing here}...I was talking to my blanket!  And YOU thought I was talking to YOU!"

Full blown belly laughs, now.

At least she had the decency to bury her face in her blanket to muffle the sound.

* * *

And the truth shall make you sheepish.

* * *


Jen said…
Oh, dear. I've had this happen in many ways, as well. :-)

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