I Get It Now

I was 11 years old during the 1980 presidential election. My family went to an Election Night party, which I thought was great fun, until I saw -- and was utterly confused by -- adults crying over the result. It was a revelation then that grown up people could get emotional over something like an election.

I get it now. I'm spending the day listening to non-stop no-news and choking back tears. I'm hoping for tears of joy instead of the despair my parents' friends felt all those years ago.

* * *


Four years ago I cried tears of pure happiness. Last night I cried tears of immense relief. I'll take them both.
Homemaker Man said…
I remember my mother as being filled with drunken cynical rage that night, but I was a little younger.
Viv said…
Yeah...for me it was watching the way my parents took to seeing Bill Clinton win that election...wowza! Heck, my sisters still don't know I'm a Democrat!

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