Further Proof That I Still Do Not Get Enough Sleep

In the early morn, cup of coffee in hand, I'm scrolling through overnight emails and slowly getting my brain moving for the day.

My inbox has a Living Social email in it, one of those daily deal super fabulous coupon dealios.  The subject line says: Dog Boarding.

And for the life of me, I cannot figure out why anyone, even here in anything-goes California, would pay to have their dog go surfing, with or without a coupon.

That image?  You can buy it as a sticker!  No, not from me; I thought
since I'm using their fun image, I could at least link to the site
where you can buy it. Click here.

* * *


Sandy said…
at least you went with surfing and not, like water-boarding your dog! See...and I've been up all day already. There was that work thing, though. LONG day at work. That's what I'll blame it on . . . yeah, that's it!

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