7 Quick Takes Friday: Vol. 5

I refer you back to this post to explain the yawn factor here at AIRY-5. And without further ado, here are my 7 quick takes for today:

1. Candy is evil. Suffice to say the kids had Valentines Day parties in their classrooms today. Candy, and all of the multi-colored wrappers it comes in, are evil.

* * *

2. My sister's house was broken into this week, and her computer, digital camera, and TV were stolen. These are just things and they will be replaced without much angst, although with more than enough hassle. (She also spent this week, which included her birthday, tending to her sick 5-year old, who decided to ring in his momma's birthday with a marathon barfing extravaganza. Not much to put a candle in.) Throughout the break-in ordeal, she has been grateful that nothing was vandalized and that nothing of sentimental value is gone. But oh -- the violation. The images of some stranger walking around her house and looking through her stuff...that part is creepy and awful and stress-inducing. So my heart goes out to her, my brother-in-law, and my lovely nephew. To the three of you: (a) this too shall pass and (b) when's the moving party?

* * *

3. Potty training complete. Well, except for the more complicated of the two potty operations. But complete enough that I no longer leave the house with a diaper bag and that alone is cause for some serious dancing. HOWEVER. A newly trained kid is actually a little bit MORE work than a non-potty trained one. I'm spending lots of time wiping her bottom, and waiting for the tinkle, and helping her on and off the pot and generally being a frickin' cheerleader regarding the potty-use. One might be tempted to slap me across the face and say: "Just enjoy this, you cynical, glass-is-all-but-empty downer!" That's why I like this blog: you can't reach me and I can't hear you. I'm just sayin' that the whole thing is a lot of work. And I'm a little weary of cheering at pee. That's all. But really, I'm thrilled.

* * *

4. Somewhere in my youth, or childhood, I must have done something good. Here's the proof.

I am richly rewarded.

* * *

5. At our house, we talk a great deal about youth sports. Rick coaches the kids' soccer teams, we attend multiple games every weekend, and we encourage the kids to play and work hard at the sports they love. We come in contact with ALL KINDS OF PARENTS and COACHES in the crazy world of youth sports. I wish I could have them all read this article. I especially like the way the author opens up her piece: it was familiar and made me laugh. It's a good reminder to parents and coaches about the right perspective to have when helping kids learn, enjoy, and maybe even excel at sports. Read. Discuss.

* * *

6. The countdowns at Casa AIRY-5 have begun:

31 days (give or take) until my biggest project of the year is at the printer and out of my hands.

79 days until our annual garden tour.

117 days until the end of fourth grade.

And the best of all: 126 days until Toy Story 3 hits theatres! We'll be there with bells on, celebrating our third child's 8th birthday with Woody and Buzz. Maybe I'll even buy theatre popcorn for the occasion!

* * *

7. And on a more serious note. Today marks the 5th anniversary of the death of our nephew, an incredible, beautiful 20 year old young man. So today, my heart goes out to his mom and dad, his sisters, and his entire extended family. He is still so much a part of their lives, and his name lives on in his 3 year old nephew.

I will never forget that day, getting the call that he had been in an accident. Rick left immediately, to get to the hospital about an hour and a half away. I will never forget getting the call from Aaron's aunt, sobbing, telling me that he was gone. I will never forget calling Rick on his cell phone, as he was on his way, and having to tell him. All I could say was: "He didn't make it. He didn't make it."

I think about Aaron frequently. He pops into my head when I'm thinking about my own kids. I look at pictures of him holding my babies, and I ache at the loss. I think about his mom, and wonder what the past five years have been like for her, because while I can safely say that they've been hard, I cannot truly imagine what it's been like to lose a child. My kids were little when Aaron died. My fourth child was only 5 months old and my oldest was 6. The boys remember him, and talk about him, and bring his picture to school for their classroom altars when we celebrate All Soul's Day.

Aaron, your family is strong, and they have done many wonderful, beautiful things in the past five years, and there are lots of little kids who will grow up hearing stories about you. The stories are great. But we wish you were here.

* * *

Go visit Conversion Diary for the original 7 Quick Takes, and links to others.

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Rae said…
Congrats on the potty training completion! It is a crazy amount of work. And you can hear me. ;-)
Viv said…
One of my children's friends gave away dry erase markers with little erase board mazes...and allow me to say that I would like to bitch slap her mother. (How many times can you do a tiny little maze w/o remembering which way to go?)

Yay on the potty training. Boo on the extra work, because I'm feeling it here too.

Prayers to both your sister and her family and your nephew's family...for vastly different reasons.

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