Not My Path to Sainthood

Judging by the intense resentment I feel for every single one of my offspring today, laundry-as-devotion will never be my entre into beatification.

But then again, how is it that I can have so little gumption, so little courage, that when I face a day determined to conquer the laundry and the dustbunnies that I last until just after lunch before giving up completely?

At least I lasted until 3:47 before I cracked open a cold one. That has to count for something. Probably not towards spiritual enlightment, but maybe towards being a more bearable mother?

I'll take it.

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…
Lordy, I can barely make through a day sometimes with two. I'm amazed you made it that long with five.

I'd say you're at least an apprentice saint for that alone.
Viv said…
My own stab at being a more bearable mother includes buying stronger beer, one bottle not two sets a better example...right?

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