The What is Beautiful

I am finally reading What is the What, and am completely taken with it. This line, in particular, made me stop and reflect on the beauty and power of this book.
"The musty smell of the cattle warmed me and
I rested my hand on their haunches as we walked."

Taken out of their context, those words seem lovely but not significant. But in their context?Beautiful. Evocative. Perfect.

Immediately, I could see the scene in my mind like a photograph, and the very image brought the story even more vividly into my mind's eye.

Thank you, Dave Eggers and Valentino Achak Deng. This story is captivating and I am so grateful that you both have told it. You are, however, responsible for the neglect my children are suffering from while I cannot stop reading.

If you have not, read this book.

* * *


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