She's 100% Organic

I put Little T to bed tonight, after her long day of playing dollies.

My day included cleaning out my linen closet, which meant thinning through 5 babies worth of baby blankets. We probably got 3-5 blankets each time we had a kid, so...lots of cute blankeys around here. But I don't got no more babies! So the thinning begins.

It's hard to get rid of stuff with the kids around. I'm sure some of you know what I mean. Half of the cute blankets in the give away pile ended up in the You Can Keep Them If They Stay in Your Room Pile. So after unearthing a stray farm veggie box from the garage, Little T spent most of the day making comfy beds for her baby dolls.

I guess the box bed just looked too comfy to her. This is what I found when I went in her room to check on the girls after they were asleep:

That doesn't even look comfortable.

Just goes to show that not everything in a box labeled organic is trustworthy.

* * *


Debra said…
I heart Little T.
Homemaker Man said…
That looks impossible.
Kerri said…
cutest thing ever!!! I love it.

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