The Week That Guilt Ate

Ever get close to the end of summer and realize you haven't done all those great things with the kids you thought you were going to do? Or are you one of those people who annoys me who does everything she says she is going to do?

I'm the former.

So we're packing it in this week. Monday we took a cruise around the San Francisco Bay, and got to see sea lions and dolphins. Tuesday we played at a lake all day, complete with pedal boats and frog catching (and releasing). Today, we're hitting a swimming pool with some friends. I am comatose, but my kids are happy, and doesn't that make me a good mother?

Goodness, there's quite a bit wrong with that last sentence.

Anyway, I've been away from the blog because I've been busy assuaging my summer guilt. I have also been crafting a post that addresses our decision to begin homeschooling our children. It's time to stop revising that one, so I hope it will be up tomorrow. For now, I will say that I am very excited about beginning this new part of our lives. I've been talking to all kinds of people about how they homeschool and why it was the right choice for their family. No two answers are the same, but I am beginning to see an amazing array of possibilities and benefits. And the interesting thing is that as summer winds down, I do not find myself going crazy having the kids around, the way I always have in the past as the first day of school approaches. I have officially switched into a different life, one that will include a whole lot more time with my kids.

Guess it's time to figure out how to be a mom, then.


Teacher Mommy said…
I am NOT one of the women who annoys you. But I HAVE made all of these Many Small (and Not So Small) People around here happy one way or another this last week, so I'm not doing too badly. I'm also getting quite a tan, what with all the hours spent at the pool here in our new complex.

And why is it that the idea of homeschooling five children terrifies me beyond belief when in a matter of three weeks I will be teaching one hundred and fifty without a qualm?

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