I awoke this morning determined to make space.

Our home has evolved in a rather haphazard fashion, so that book shelves and hutches and suches occupy spots that can only be called random. Our living room, a very big, light-filled, potentially lovely room, looks more like a parking lot for used furniture than anything else. Our dining room is less a dining room and more a Kids Do Art And Make A Mess Every Single Damn Day room. Our kitchen is where the mail goes to die, and so, apparently, does a hell of a lot of other stuff.

And we're about to spend more time than ever in this space, what with our new homeschooling adventure beginning soon.

So today was my day to transform all of our downstairs common areas into inspired spaces where children will grow ever more brilliant. And spaces where, after a hard day of molding young minds, I can enjoy a cold beer without worrying that my beverage will be knocked over by piles of mail and magazines.

The first 30 minutes were spent walking from room to room with my coffee cup in hand, eyeballing the furniture and mulling over the possibilities. The next 5 were spent giving myself a little reality check. One cannot organize clutter. Here's a glimpse into what I and my coffee cup faced:

Fast forward to the end of the day, and here's what I have accomplished:

First, at about minute 42 of my endeavor, I put in a call to my good friend D'Bee, who has an eye for arranging things. I asked her to come help me figure out where to put stuff, and she'll be coming in the next few days.

Second, I attacked one room. Not quite the three I intended, but look what a difference an entire day of sorting, tossing, feeding children, managing time-outs, clearing, mopping up spills, organizing, and mopping up tears can do:

Before I had kids, an entire day's worth of effort would have resulted in astronomically more productivity. I am wistful for those days, even as I am surrounded by the beauty and love of children.

That other Haz Mat zone up there? Looks remarkably untouched as I type.

And finally, third, I had a nice cold beer (one home-brewed by Nicole's talented spouse - YUM!) at my nice clean table, and no paper piles got in the way.

Space. Victory. Miles to go before I can mold young minds in a chaos-free environment, but miles traveled in that direction too.

* * *

Lest you think I am more super than I truly am, 3 of my 5 were "farmed out" today, thanks to their friends' generous parents. That freed me up enormously. I ♥ the awesome parents of my children's friends.

* * *

How was your Saturday?

* * *


Homemaker Man said…
Good job. Still want to hear how you arrived at the decision to homeschool. My Saturday was filled with planning for going away and anxiety/excitement. And booze.
GabrieleBriggs said…
Mama Monica, you are just simply awesome!!!
nicole said…
bravo my friend.
cupboard doors are still coming, i promise.

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