Butter: A Dilemma

I love real butter. Nothing beats a slice of fresh sour dough bread, lightly toasted, and touched by real, creamy butter.

Due to health concerns in my family, I buy fake butter, the Smart Choice brand after trying several. (Actually, I don't call it fake butter anymore, after my husband asked me to use the term healthy butter instead. More appetizing, I suppose.)

So my kids have grown up on the healthy butter, pulling the Costco size vat out of the fridge for their bagels, toast and what-have-you.

I also always keep real butter in the house, because I personally do not (currently) have any health issues preventing me from enjoying its creamy goodness. I also prefer to bake with real butter.

The other day, I made my son some toast, and used the real butter -- no particular reason except that's how I make it for myself. He was in heaven, and kept asking me why his toast tasted so good. How did I do that? When he makes it, it doesn't taste that good!

So. The Dilemma. Do I disclose the delicious secret about real butter? Or do I keep that little tidbit to myself so I don't have to share?

So far, I'm being selfish. But it's only a matter of time before they figure it out. If I'd known how hard it would be for me to share my butter, I might have had fewer children.

What secrets do you keep from your kids? Hiding the whiskey does not count.

* * *


Jennifer said…
Milk.. I buy Skim and as long as I don't let them look at the jug, they can't tell the difference.. But boy does the mac and cheese taste better when i use 2%..
Kerri said…
oh man...I could not live without butter. I can keep nothing from my kids...they are way too into food. sigh, I wish I could ban the soda from the house but my husband loves it. They get to take a sip from the can.

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