I Can Fool Some of Them Some of the Time

My "twins" spent two nights at my mom and dad's house this past weekend. No, I don't actually have twins, but we've started referring to Child Born 2nd and Child Born 3rd as The Twins because they are interested in the same activities, can play together for hours, and have similar temperaments. They have this sympatico thing going on.

So "The Twins" spent the weekend with my folks, where they learned a few things:

  • If you compliment Poppa's BBQ-ed chicken, Grandma will decide to have him make some for dinner.

  • The creek running along the property is just as much fun as Mom says it is.

  • If you say how much you like going to the pub for lunch, Grandma will bring you there.

  • Poppa looked like a little girl when he was a small child; there is photographic proof of this hanging in the upstairs bedroom.

But I learned something too. After they'd been back for a few hours, "The Twins" were talking about the Giants games they watched during their visit.

Lola: "I bet they lost today, too. They were losing when we left."

Cenzo: "Yeah, they lost when we watched last night! There were a lot of 's' words in the house during that game."

Me: "Oh, so Poppa was saying the 's' word a lot? Well, there were a lot of 's' words around when I was growing up, too."

Cenzo: "Then how come YOU don't use the 's' word now? And other letter words?"

BINGO! There is the kernel of truth I learned today. I hide my 's' words, and all my other letter words, well. Hallelujah!

Although it could be that he just can't hear me above the cacophony that is my household. Either way works for me.

* * *


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