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First I want to thank everyone for being here to honor my mom and support our family.We are incredibly appreciative of your love and support.
The thing I most want to say today is thank you mom.Thank you for giving me the life I have, the faith I have in a loving God, and the experience of being raised by someone who worked quietly, consistently, and with great integrity, for her family, community, and world.
Thank you mom, for the gift of laughter.Many of my favorite childhood memories are of laughing.Laughing really hard at Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and especially MASH.Laughing at the Sunday comics, the Far Side and Bloom County.Even Doonsebury, which I rarely got, but which I knew must be funny because my mom and the rest of my family sure thought so.Laughing about our family lore – the inside jokes and stories that made me so glad I was a Murphy.Looking through family photos this past week, I was struck by how many of them capture all of us laughing – you can almost see the tea…

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