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Repost: Life & Death

I first posted this piece in 2011.  Since then, my family has experienced quite a bit of grief and loss.  There are some lessons we need to learn and relearn every day of our lives.  This, I think, is one:

* * *
My son asked me the other day how long it takes to get over the death of someone you love.  There is inherent hope in that question, that getting over loss is possible, that everything will be OK at some point in the future.  I didn't want to answer him, because...well...who wants to tell a child that there are things you never get over?  But I answered.  I told him that you never get over a death, that you always miss the person you love, and no one and nothing ever can take his (or her) place in your life.  It's also possible, I told him, to go on and live a wonderful, full and happy life, to meet other people that you end up loving very much, to be joyful and to enjoy your life to the fullest.  But you don't get over death.  You don't ever go back to the way…

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