Saved By Fingerpaint

The sun was shining.

You were both under my feet, in my hair, on my arms and driving me mad.

Thank God for fingers and for paint and for the combination of the two.

Thank God for sunny days, when fingers and paint can come together out of doors and make a mess far from my dining room floor.

Thank God for bright colors, the yellow sun, the blue flowers and the orange hat.

All converged to ensure that I survived another day without losing my precious mind. I have lived to scream another day. But not today, because today the sun was shining, and there were fingers and paint in lovely motion.

* * *


Bridget said…
This really made me smile. I'm glad they had fun(and you got a little break)!
Teacher Mommy said…
I'll admit it: I didn't pack the finger paint when I moved. Am I an evil mom?

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