I just saw a commercial for Stouffer's frozen italian lasagna dinner thing. The tag line of the ad was "MADE WITH REAL INGREDIENTS."

Really? Is this how far we've fallen? Using actual food is something to brag about? How sad is that?

I swear, our culture is unsustainable. We will crumble like the Roman Empire. It will take longer, what with all the preservatives we consume.

* * *

And YES, I am watching TV in the middle of the day. A mindless distraction while I am actually working, preparing a newsletter mailing. So in a way, I am being paid to watch TV in the middle of the day. Find me some real food, and I'm all set.

* * *


REAL ingredients.... Geesh.
nicole said…
we are crumbling .
are you watching soaps?
Homemaker Man said…
Totally, dude. 5 years or so, we might make for Canada.
Heather said…
Great rule of thumb - if a) my kids can't pronounce the ingredients and b) i could not purchase said ingredients and recreate the item in my own kitchen - we have no business eating it (which of course we do sometimes.) Scary how many items in the average grocery store are disqualified. Really scary.

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