Happy Mothers Day, Mom

I didn't call my mom on Mothers Day. How lame, right? Very lame.

But she just ordered cookies from my son for his soccer team's fundraiser, so I managed to send her an email...and realized while I was writing it that I had failed to mark the day. So I wrote her a quick, impromptu HMD message, which, it turns out, was as heartfelt as anything I could have spent more time and money composing, or communicating with a gift. So I thought I would post it here. It's brief, but truer words were never typed. Mom, so that this message lives in public and in some kind of posterity, I hereby post my Mother's Day Greeting to you, complete with cookie sale minutiae:

OK. We are turning in money tomorrow, so you can make the check out to me, and I'll add your $15 to our total.


By the way, I failed to call you on Mothers Day, can you believe it? So here is my kind of lame, belated Happy Mothers Day to you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you've done for me, and for Katy and Tony. I do understand it a little bit more everyday, as I raise these kids. You are a miracle worker, you know. I think you often reside in the shadow of your charismatic husband, but I wanted you to know that I see you and what you've done for our family as big and bright and beautiful. I love you! Thank you for raising me right. My kids have you to thank for the good things I do for them.

:) Monica

To all of you moms out there, here's wishing that every single day you feel the love and appreciation of your families. We are contributing the most valuable thing ever to the world: people. Without us, the engines of commerce and community would grind to a halt, medical research would wither on the vine, the World Cup soccer ball would lay motionless on the South African pitch. Without us, the halls of Congress would be silent, as would all the world's instruments. Without us, simple acts of kindness would go undone and great acts of generosity would too. Without us, we would not be.

Same goes for dads, by the way. But for this week, let's all be glad that Mothers do what they do.

* * *


nicole said…
i love the image of the soccer ball laying on the pitch, faded in the sun.
well written.

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