Pathetic, But Effective

When the first four of my children were all under school age, their TV time was severely limited. They didn't watch any regular "shows," and the TV was never on during the day. They watched a handful of movies over and over and over again, but didn't really know any better and were quite happy in their ignorance.

Enter Child #5. She came of TV-watching age in a household that had discovered I Carly and Sponge Bob, that was deep into Dora and Diego and Max and Ruby. She skipped right over Sesame Street and goes directly for full length movies starring the Teen Idol Du Jour and featuring lots of teeny-bopper behavior. This is perhaps why she once called me "smokin' hot," talks to her stuffed monkey about all her boyfriends, and shakes what her mama gave her with a little too much verve.

She watches too much television. My fault. I let her. I can't stop myself. I resolve to keep the TV off, but I crumble too quickly and before I know it, Miss Spider, Carly, Dora, and Lyndsey Lohan (think Freaky Friday) are taking over my living room. Guiltily, I dash around doing laundry, or returning emails, or weeding the garden, trying not to listen the screams of her dying brain cells as they give up the ghost.

It has to stop and today is the day. We are firmly committed to having a NO TELEVISION DAY today.

But I know myself, and myself is weak. So I did the only logical thing. I disconnected the cable cord and told her the TV is broken. She keeps asking me if it's fixed yet; it's easier to lie to her than to tell her that she is not allowed to watch anything. We've already made it to 10am without Diego.

Pathetic. But Effective.

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…
You are a stronger woman than I. Seriously. I mean it.
Mr Lonely said…
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Homemaker Man said…
Go Go go. You can do it. We do about 45minutes of tv in the evening.
Heather said…
Do what works sister. Any negative impact from this lie is completely weighed out by the positive. You can confess this evil sin to her years from now when she will appreciate you for it!
Kerri said…
I love it! I'm sure it's hard when there is just one @ home, and she can't read yet. I've been instituting the punishment of no TV due to a myriad of reasons (woke up late that a.m., clothes are not put away, etc)...they have been busting out with books, board games and puzzles and actually the 2 sisters are finding they enjoy each other when there is actually something meaningful to discuss. It has been so peaceful. Now, if I can just get them to understand that soccer is not an indoor sport and they figure out the way to the backyard, I'd have major bliss.
Monica said…
Kerri, my ENTIRE FAMILY has yet to figure out that soccer is not an indoor sport. And *gasp*...SIBLINGS ENJOYING EACH OTHER? Whoa. That gave me vertigo.

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