Hims Makes Stuff

Mommy, am I going to die someday?

Well, what do you think?

Yeah, I will. When I a old lady.

Mommy, who made dis? (indicating car seat)

Hmmm...I'm not sure who made that, honey.

Proly God made it. Cuz hims makes stuff. Hims makes arms, and chests, and legs, and faces, and lips, and knees, and hair, and smiles, and feet and socks. To read this properly, you have to say aaaaaaaaaaaarms and cheeeeeeeeeeeeeests, and leeeeeeeeeeeegs. Draw out the words to really hear her voice.

Yeah, God probably made it.

When I die, I'll be sad because I won't see my mommy that I love so much. But I see her now! I love her and I smile at her!

Mommy, rember when you got me? You goed to the zoo and saw the yiddle monkey in the cage and asked the zookeepuh if you could take the yiddle monkey home? An he let you?

Or the other one? I was in a egg, under a rock, and you came and picked up the rock and the egg started to crack...???

And you were inside the egg?


And I got to take you home?

YEAH! (gleeful laughter)

Yes, I remember all of that and more, honey. You really listen to your brothers and sisters, don't you?

YEAH! Day told me all of dat!

I love you too, honey.

* * *


Homemaker Man said…
awesome. And I think God has lawsuits against hanes and Golden Toe if he wants them.
Heather said…
Good thing T is too young to demand a non-disclosure agreement like some of you older ones. Wonderful blog fodder...love it!

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