Two Ways to Enjoy a Beverage

There are (at least) two ways to enjoy a beverage.

One can, when daunted by the sheer number of dishes there are to clean, pour oneself a nice dark stout (or better yet, have one's husband pour it), push up one's sleeve, and get to work, pausing every few dishes to take a sip, thereby making a rather unpleasant task much more bearable and enjoyable..

Or, one can blow off the messy kitchen and sit down on the couch and enjoy the drink in relative peace and quiet.

I started with the former, put quickly recognized the wisdom of the latter.

Damn if those dishes weren't still there when I was finished, though!

* * *


Viv said…
Would you pretty please have another for me? I swear to you I can almost taste it...and I am actually drooling.

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