Terms of Endearment

"Get a job and buy your own."

Uttered by one of the parents in this house, unwilling to share a glass of orange juice with a 4 year old.

* * *


Viv said…
I realize that you aren't pointing fingers, but, I have noticed that there is a strange deformity on the Y chromosome that causes such silliness to be uttered. All we can do is hope that with our own children, nurture might conquer nature.
nicole said…
after school today, Jude was whining about a snack, because as you know I starve my kids. I told him that I will no longer be feeding him and if he was hungry he could buy his own groceries! I think I had enough of the whining.
KaraB said…
I laughed so hard at this post I almost peed myself. And after giving birth, that happens much easier than I'd ever imagined :-/

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