Just Another Car Ride Question

Do you get the most compelling questions from your kids while driving in the car? We seem to. This week's:

Spoken by an older kid, of a younger kid:

"She (or he, I'm not telling) wants to know if S-E-X is a good thing or a bad thing!"

Said older child and said younger child were apparently discussing the topic of sex, and the younger child was wanting to ask some questions, but also NOT wanting to ask some questions. Said younger child was furiously trying to shush the older child during this little exchange. To which, by the way, I gave a brief response: "IT'S A GOOD THING!"

I could sense the palpable relief from the back seat that I did not pursue the matter anymore than that. I wonder if they could feel that same relief undulating backwards from the front seat...

* * *


TeacherMommy said…
Well, you can relax in that relief until they start hooking up with their classmates and when are caught look at you and say "But you said S-E-X is a GOOD thing!"

You slut you.

(I'm so totally kidding. Just wanted to make sure you knew that, since text doesn't always make such things clear Whew.)
Monica said…
Teacher Mommy -- isn't it universally true that parental relief of any variety is always fleeting?

I'm sure I won't be ready...but at least I'm used to that!
Viv said…
We talked about what a slutty mommy I am last night in the car. With company in the car even. F-U-N I tell ya.

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