Gotta a Minivan? Watch This!

I don't know about you other minivan moms out there, but I loathe my minivan. It is a torture chamber. A smelly one. I dream of the day I can zip around in a two-seater, with no sports equipment, shoes, or trash sliding back and forth around curves in the road.

But today, I have YouTube to thank for giving me something to laugh about in this life of mine. A friend forwarded this clip to me, along with the following caveat: Be warned, the other recommended videos that are pulled up when you click on this have titles with lots of swear words (beyond "crap") & the comments are filled with curse words too, so you might want to be sure the kids aren't around when you pull it up.

That said, enjoy:

* * *


Viv said…
I have yet to give in to the siren call of a minivan...but, I'm darn close. My Durango isn't really much different. The duct tape had me ROTFLMAO, because that is EXACTLY the way my husband tries to fix everything. "Do you have a headache Honey? I think there is some duct tape left over from when you asked me to fix the blinds." He even got sneaky and bought some in different colors to see if he could fool me.
Sarah said…
That's fabulous. When we got our mini van I had a no eating rule...that lasted all of a week or two. Now I figure the spilled food doubles as emergency rations should we ever be trapped in the car.

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