It's Building

I am starting to resent my family because they are seriously cutting into my blogging time.

Someone explain to me again why I need to feed them everyday. And why the 2 year old can't just teach herself to use the toilet.

And clean underwear: necessity?

A ride to practice: Can't he walk himself the whole 5 miles?

That little thing? I'm sure that doesn't need a bandaid; just apply pressure, keep your head beneath your heart, and breath very, very slowly. It will stop before Prom, I'm sure. I know you're 6. That's a good thing because your skin has extra elasticity and likes to heal on its own.

And again with the food? I'm sure I fed you a few days ago. Go look in the couch cushions: I saw Tallulah eating pizza there last night and I'm nearly certain she stashed half of it under the left one.

If they could only raise themselves, I'm sure I would be a published author by now.

* * *


Sarah said…
Last night as we sat around the table having a nice family dinner I was feeling like pretty good mom. Ethan was on his 3rd helping of steak when it occurred to me that I didn't remember feeding him any lunch that day.

Abby's an afternoon kindergartner and has to be at school at 11:20 which means she eats lunch around 10:45. He wasn't hungry then and after we dropped her off I guess I sort of forgot. In fairness, he's perfectly capable of asking for food and of helping himself, but still, I at least normally help.
TeacherMommy said…
Oh, I feel ya. I feel ya. Inconvenient little buggers, aren't they?

Good thing they get us to love them somehow.

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