Today I was thinking about the unlikely bra comment I made to Elizabeth the other day, and I realized it's just one of the gems that have been overheard around here lately. Here are a few more. Some are from the kids, some from the adults.

  • “Who put the lollipop in the toilet?”
  • “Stop licking your brother.”
  • “Yes, you can bring your horse to the store.”
  • “Put the world down and go to sleep.”
  • “I love you too, but stop coming out of your room to tell me that.”
  • Elizabeth, to Lola’s Kindergarten teacher: “You’re annoying me.”
  • Samuel, in response to mom asking him if he washed his hands: He sniffs them and says: “Smells of mortality.”
  • "Please, God, let them go to sleep..." (OK,that one was me, about 10 minutes ago...)

  • There are so many times we find ourselves saying words we never thought would string together into a coherent sentence...

    * * *

    And we have a budding Picasso on our hands. Check out the proud art-eest:

    * * *

    And thank you Nicole, for sharing a fun little time waster with me on your blog. I did indeed have fun wasting time at this site and here is the result:

    Check it out yourself. And Nicole, how do you find these things??


    Sandy said…
    "smells of mortality"....that freakin'a cracked me up!

    Thanks for sharing. Now put down the world and go to sleep. Sounds like advice we could all use.
    nicole said…
    I found those links here & there but I read designmom.com and aroomsomewhere.blogspot.com and they have lots of links. I am link crazy. I am glad you liked the snowflake site...cool

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