Little Messes

Here are a couple of things I never really thought I would have to explain:

• Why it's not a good idea to put glue in the bathtub while your three little sisters are taking a bath.

• Why it's not a good idea to store your bedtime story in the bathroom sink...while you are brushing your teeth.


And how about this for a question from a nine-year old?

"Mom, do you know what 'She had a son for her cradle ere she had a husband for her bed' means?"

That crazy Shakespeare again!


Sandy said…
I love the first two! Glue? I can only imagine.

As for the last question, today's celebrities have made that one all too easy to explain!

Or you could go the completely opposite way and use the birth of our Savior, although I don't think that is what Will was referring to.
laurie said…
i remember once reading a novel and then asking my mother, "what's a cathouse?"

and she just gave me one of those Mother Looks and said, "What are you reading?"
Robinella said…
Those are funny! Crazy Shakespeare, indeed!

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