It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere, Right?


This one pulls her socks off before I have a chance to find her shoes. Three times.
This one gets fussy if the socks are “too thick.”
This one pulled “clean” socks out of his drawer, except they weren’t. Discovered approximately 5 seconds before we need to leave for school.
This one won’t take off her dirty socks, which she slept in, to put the clean ones on. Why do I care? Because she’s not going to be with me today; she’ll be with her daycare providers.
This one…no drama. Smooth sock transaction.


This one wants it plain, no nothin’ on it.
This one wants it with butter only.
This one wants it with butter and parmesan cheese.
This one wants it with red sauce. And parmesan. No, wait, just parmesan. No, red sauce only. No, both. I’m not hungry anymore.
This one will eat and eat and eat and eat and eat, with whatever I put on it, for as long as I let her, until she falls asleep, head nodding over her highchair tray and finally coming to rest on a little pile of elbows.

School/Daycare Lunches

This one likes string cheese every other day; wish I could remember which day we are on.
This one likes apples…if they are cut in slices.
This one wants whatever he has.
This one wants me to deliver In-n-Out to him. As if.
This one eats and eats and eats…

* * *

This one needs a drink.


Sandy said…
This one needs a drink....snort! Too funny.
Linda said…
I came here through the sign ups for Fun Monday on The Lurchers site. Love your little poem. Little pile of elbows - so cute with the double meaning! Very nice!

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