An Irish Mystic in the Family!

Well, maybe not actually IN the family, although my mother probably feels related to her: My mom, Rose Murphy, has published a book about the Irish mystic writer Ella Young, a contemporary of Lady Gregory and William Butler Yeats.

So we are all very proud of her, and excited about her accomplishment, born of many, many hours of writing, revising, studying, and researching. She even sacrificed herself to the point of actually traveling to Ireland for research...imagine how tough that must have been. All those charming people, cozy little pubs, cute little B&B's...she's been through so much to bring this book to the public. Our hats go off to you, Rose!

You can order this wonderful book from Powell's Books.  Please go do so forthwith.

My kids were very impressed, especially with the author's photo in the book. This makes the book "official" in their eyes.

Please join me in congratulating my mom on this great achievement!


Sandy said…
Oh, congratulations to Monica's mom!

You have actually succeeded at what we all dream of!
Kelly said…
What an accomplishment. I consider completing a grocery list a stellar task. I can't imagine the work that goes into an entire book. Congratulations!!

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