Knock, Knock

The boys are getting ready for Spring baseball this week; "player evaluations" are tomorrow. Samuel's division is required to wear a cup, which is a new development for him. Father and son went to the store tonight to pick one up, and came home with these nifty baseball underwear, with a pocket in the front that the cup slips right into. Very cool.

Samuel went upstairs a few minutes ago to get ready for bed, but I guess the new equipment was just too exciting because he tried on the whole contraption, came downstairs in his new underwear, and proudly said to me: "Mom, knock on my peni*s!"

I've been asked to do many things as a mother, but this is a new one. Poor kid could not figure out why I was laughing uncontrollably.

And yes, I did knock. How could I not?

Bring on baseball season!


Sandy said…
Aw yes, how could you not? Laughing out loud at that one, I am.

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