The First Step Towards Wearing a Bra

I am potty training my most stubborn child. So it's not going very quickly. We have had lots of conversations about it, about the process, what to do, how to do it, when to do it, yadda yadda yadda. And we've had lots of conversations about what big girls do, as opposed to little girls.

I thought we were really getting somewhere when she said to me out of the blue the other evening: "Tallulah can learn how to use a sippy cup now!" Seemed kind of random, until she explained that she herself would be using a big girl cup now and could give her sippy cups to her little sister. She decided, she told me, to get big like her sister Lola, and do big girls things. "Like what else, besides the big girl cups?" I asked, as nonchalant as possible. And lo and behold, she volunteered that she would be using underwear and the potty now, and not diapers.

Halleluia, right?? Wrong. She was messin' with me. Told me the next day she changed her mind. Little stinker.

So this morning, she was in the bathroom with me, watching me get dressed. She has always been interested in my bra -- maybe because since I stopped nursing it seems rather pointless -- and today was no exception. She said, "I really want one of those, mom."

And it came to me. And I spoke: "Well, Elizabeth, the first step towards wearing a bra is learning how to use the potty." She was speechless, which in itself is a thing of beauty.

We'll see if it works. And we'll see if I'm the first mom in history to buy her three year old a bra...


Sandy said…
"And it came to me. And I spoke" and I laughed! Please let us know how that works...
Poppa said…
Was "little stinker" on purpose?
Monica said…
Little stinker was not on purpose...but after I typed it, I did realize how apt is was.

She does, at certain times of the day, go by the name of "Stinkerella." Calls herself that when she needs a change.

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