When the To Do List Gets Too Long, Become a Food Blogger

There are 19 items on my to-do list today. I have done 11 of them. I started the day with five kids, shed two at a day camp, and then picked up three more friends, so I'm at +1 from baseline at the moment. There are many things happening around here, and the 11 shiny undone to-do items are winking at me from yonder on the table. I feel like ignoring them, so I have decided to become a food blogger.

Thank you to Nicole (who gave birth to two of the friends here at the moment) for giving me a lovely idea to try with my fresh-from-the-garden, just-picked radishes. Radishes are ravishing. Here is one of the beauties my kids picked this afternoon:

And here is what I did with it:

Yum. Nicole recommended a good slice of bread (I toasted mine), a little butter, thinly sliced ravishing radishes, and a spray of salt across the top. It was a lovely little pick-me-up, better than the coffee I was scheming about.

So yeah, I needed a little distraction; but I can't actually become a food blogger because I can't actually cook much, and I'm not so hot at taking pictures.

OK, I'm going to go try for Items #12 and #13. They're winking the hardest.

* * *


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