Of Course. Warning: this post is potty-related. Not for the squeamish.

Little T has been slowly, ever so slowly, inching her way towards being totally diaper free. Daytimes are almost free of diaps: we can go anywhere we need to without a diaper bag, and she never has a pee accident. Poop? Another story. Turns out, she's one of those kids, the ones who resist proper voiding of bms for whatever reason. Control issues? Fear of parting with a significant piece of herself? Just wants to piss me off? Who knows. All I know is that when we are at home, for the past four or five months, we've had successful poops maybe 15 times. The rest of the time, I've been cleaning up an ungodly amount of...well...shit.

Many days, by 5pm or so, I have thrown in the towel (after throwing the actual towels in the washing machine on the hottest possible setting and then needing to do a bleach-only rinse of the machine before putting anything else in there) and resorted to diapers to get me through the evening. No one wants to make dinner while monitoring a pooper, am I right? Amen, I am right.

Without getting too graphic here, the problem is that she has been resisting the whole experience so much that she produces small amounts of stuff multiple times in one afternoon or evening. It's not a one-off and we're done. It's excruciatingly repetitive.

So I'm still buying diapers.


I have, on principal alone, refused to buy the huge Costco box of diaps. I just haven't wanted to accept that we still need the damn things, and somehow, buying the smaller pack at the grocery store has helped me feel closer to the end line.

What a fool I am. I should have known that the surest way to not need diapers anymore was to bring that ginormous box home and wait.

I finally gave in the other day and bought the 125-count box. This week? I forgot to put a diaper on her one night, and she woke up dry. So she has decided she doesn't need them at night, and it turns out, she's right. And during the day? 3 out of 4 days have seen pooping success. One trip to the toilet, and done for the day.

Of course.

I have 100+ diapers left and I am begging and pleading with the Diaper Gods that I can offer these on Freecycle sometime very, very soon.

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…
Heh. Yeah. The Widget is pretty much potty-trained, though his occasional accident is the reverse--never poop, just pee.

And it happened today. At a friend's house. Miles and miles away from home. OF COURSE. Thank God she has a kiddo not much older than he...
Kerri said…
hold on to the extras and give the them to t's kid as a present, 25 years from now. hilarious.

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