I Wonder What Kind of Beer Obama Drinks

Yesterday, we bar-b-qued for dinner, an activity that always entails many trips back and forth between the kitchen and the bbq area of the backyard. We tend to leave our drinks in various locations, so part of tonight was devoted to questions like: Whose beer is this? Did you take yours outside? Had you already had this much? Is this one mine or yours? You know, important questions. Questions of family stability and marital harmony.

My nine year old, sensing the weight we place on such matters, remarked: "You guys talk about beer like Obama talks about health insurance."

I think he's on to us.

* * *


Teacher Mommy said…
Sorry. Not a beer drinker. But I still chuckled. :)
Kerri said…
for your info, B.Obama likes Bud Light. That kind of makes me see him in a less favorable light (or less filling)

But a Chicago Pizzeria also has his Audacity of Hops and InaugurAle beer on tap, which they tried to get served at the inaugural fest....way more interesting, .

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