Just Things

Just Things were taken from us yesterday.

I came home from dropping the kids at school and discovered that our front door had been kicked in. Plaster, nails, splinters of wood were scattered across my front hall.

This is the first time something like this has happened to us. Luckily, we are all completely safe, unharmed, whole, and well.

Luckily, I was by myself when I walked in, no kids with me, so no kids around to see me shaking like a leaf, rocked to the core, teary, confused, overwhelmed, stricken.

Luckily, "they" took our computers, camera, ipod, wii, games, but left our precious sentimental stuff undisturbed.

Luckily, "they" didn't find my son's ipod, or his stash of cash. Luckily, my son is a complete slob, or his stuff would have been far easier to find.

Luckily, I reluctantly agreed to have coffee with a friend after dropping off the kids, or I would have been home.

The worst part was telling the kids and watching the knowledge that sometimes people do awful things sink into their brains. My 7 year old's repeated refrain for the last day has been "I hate people."

Sometimes, I do too, sweetie. But I sure do love the family and friends who have responded with calls, food, pizza, beer, friendship, care for our children, care for us, a computer to borrow, a power cord to go with it, and the certain knowledge that sometimes people do wonderful things too.

Luckily everything "they" took was Just Things and can be replaced. Every single unreplaceable bit of love that resides in my home and my heart is still here, safe and sound.

Hug your children today.

* * *


I'm so sorry....it is a horrible feeling to be invaded that way even if nothing 'important' was lost. The only time it happened to me was before we had children so that was one thing I didn't have to deal with. Take care.
Bridget said…
Oh, no! How frightening! I'm glad y'all are ok and that you have such a positive attitude about it.

God bless you and keep you.
nicole said…
i am bringing you beer. and i will kick the "they" in the you know what.
you are right "they' didn't get the important things...like family and love and memories.
Sandy said…
I am so sorry for your loss...and I am not talking about the "just things" but about your peace of mind.

My prayers are with you.
Michelle said…
"They" are assholes. Sorry you had to go through this. We were broken into a year ago at Christmas and the feeling of violation is worse than the stuff they took.
Viv said…
(((HUGS))) Monica, I am so sorry. I am glad you are all okay.

This is why I am an anti-people person. Give me a dog that is going to bite me, over a person any day, at least I won't wonder where I stand.

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