A Little Bit of Random for a Monday Morning

Clasico day today! So, who do you like, Barca or Real Madrid? We're Blaugrana all the way here, and not just because Carlos Puyol's alter ego lives here. My husband is all a-twitter with excitement. My 12-year old's obsession is at a fever pitch. The TV is all Barca, all day, with 90 beautiful minutes of glory in store. Will you be watching? If so, you'll be joining 400 million people all over the world doing the same.

* * *

With the Thanksgiving holiday, Little T has not had a preschool day since last Wednesday. When I dropped her off this morning, I had this to say to her teachers: "She has not stopped talking since last Wednesday at 2pm. Take her. Keep her. She's all yours. Good bye."

There are few things more exhausting than a four year old who needs to talk, especially when the standard "uh-huh" response is not enough for her. The level of engagement she requires is mind-boggling. I now have 5 hours of sweet relief from her unique brand of torture. I'm sure I'll be thrilled to see her by then. Sort of.

* * *

The Holidays are here. So far, I am successfully ignoring them. I'm going with that strategy for as long as possible.

* * *

A story about my friend Pat, who passed away earlier this month. At the school my kids went to until last year, the Kindergarten class celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany with an Epiphany cake, complete with a hidden baby Jesus in one of the servings. When my oldest child was in Kindergarten, he found the baby Jesus in his piece of cake. As my kids cycled through Kindergarten, at each Epiphany, my second found the baby Jesus....my third found the baby Jesus...and finally Lady E, just this past January, emerged from her slice of cake with a sticky plastic baby Jesus. I was amazed at my childrens' good fortune. I commented to Pat, one of the Kindergarten teachers, "Wow! I can't believe it! Elizabeth got the baby Jesus! All of my kids have; isn't that strange?"

She whacked me in the arm, grabbed my head, pulled my ear to her mouth and growled: "You jackass, who do you think serves the cake?"

I'm a little slow on the uptake.

* * *


nicole said…
the baby Jesus story is so funny. i miss you, let's hang out!
I remember crying because my then-4-year-old son WOULD NOT STOP TALKING, even though I was cranky and pregnant and couldn't take one more word out of his mouth. That was the first time we shelled out money for a kid to go to preschool. Worth every penny, too...
Your friend Pat was clearly awesome. I'm sorry for your loss.
Kerri L said…
I could just totally hear Pat..whacking your arm and saying that...she was one of a kind.

oh, and I'm ignoring the holidays too....maybe I'll bake a cake with the baby Jesus in it, just to remind everyone around here what Christmas is about..because it isn't about Ipods, Polly Pockets and new boots. It's driving me crazy.

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