Three Cheers for Great Writing

I wanted to share a lovely essay from the Lives series in the New York Times Magazine. Montana Soccer-Mom Moment is written by Laura Munson and captures a beautiful moment between her and her daughter:

This essay literally took my breath away: at the final line I was all at once speechless and teary. Admittedly, there may be some chemical reasons for that. But there is also the very large fact that my kids are catapulting towards their teenage years and I already see glimpses of these moments in my future.

Plus, I googled her, found her website, sent her an email telling her how much I liked her essay, and she wrote back! So she's awesome, right there. Her website led me to another essay of hers that appeared in the NYTimes, which is also a lovely read.


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nicole said…
a golden find. brilliant articles. now i am off to find her website. thanks for sharing.
lauramunson said…
THANK YOU for your support and for finding my work! I have been writing for a long time, wanting to reach an audience, and I'm so glad I finally have. I cherish this exchange and any opportunity to help people through my writing. yrs. Laura

(author of the New York Times best-selling memoir THIS IS NOT THE STORY YOU THINK IT IS)
Monica said…
Thanks for writing Laura. And I'm certainly glad your writing reached me! I wish you continued success and many, many readers. --Monica
Kerri said…
beautiful essays. I loved the courage she endured while letting her husband figure it out. Not many woman are that strong.
Yikes, Monica...I feel the heart strings tug with the teenage daughter story.
nicole said…
i linked to you!

ps: word verification is: cryin

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